Our Vision

We seek to reach 5,000 people in Missouri for Christ and help them live out their purpose.

Our Mission

Helping People Reach Their Full Potential in Christ.

What We Do

We will accomplish our vision and mission by helping people:

Know God
Find Freedom
Discover Purpose
Make A Difference




We believe that a relationship with God and others should bring life.



We believe that Christ has plenty to say for every part of our lives.
We are to bring Him into our everyday world.



We believe that a healthy, Christ-centered nuclear
family brings life to God’s church and the world.



We seek to bring life to the physical, emotional, mental,
and spiritual well being of people.



There is power when life is experienced in authentic community and transparency.
We are better together.



We give up things we love for the things we love even more.
We are called to be spiritual contributors not spiritual consumers.